Wheatgrass for Babies ??

Feeding your toddler can be a sole destroying task when you can't get them to nibble on anything remotely healthy or they can detect a hidden pea a mile off.  As a mummy to my 16 month old, toast and chip munching menace, tired of mopping up strewn carrots from the floor and trying to disguise parsnips to look like fries.  I decided to try a different approach,  I've always taken an interested in nutrition and juicing.  Boost juice and healthy cafe's advertising the benefits of Wheatgrass has always caught my eye  

“one shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to eating a bowl of vegetables”.

 As a result of this i have always included a powdered organic wheatgrass sachet in my morning orange or grapefruit juice as part of my daily ritual.  This is what got me thinking maybe this could be a way to get some nutrition into my little one.  After doing research and reading some literature checking it was safe to give a weaned baby wheatgrass i decided to take the plunge and try it out on my baby girl.  I started out with a 5 ml syringe of my mixed wheatgrass and juice and guess what  . . . .  she loved it!!  With approving shouts of "yum yum" i have gradually built it up as she has gotten older and bigger!  


Wheat grass has nearly a gram of protein per teaspoon, but contains no cholesterol or fat. It provides eight of the essential amino acids, and thirteen of the non-essential amino acids.  It contains Vitamins A, B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 12; C, E and K, as well as 15mg of Calcium, 8mcg Iodine, 3.5mcg Selenium, 870mcg Iron, 62mcg Zinc, and many other minerals.


Is wheatgrass safe for children to consume? Wheatgrass is generally safe for consumption by children (although you should be aware of the potential for allergic reactions which have been reported in a few individuals). Additionally, since wheatgrass preparations vary in quality, it is important to check the individual product to determine whether it is safe your your child to consume. Some wheatgrass preparations may contain other ingredients that are not suitable for children to consume.  



The one i use above is organic and i find of the best quality.  So should you give your little one wheatgrass Coming back to my particular case – since mine isn’t eating vegetables, it would appear that if we can get her to take wheatgrass, it would definitely be better than nothing. Although it would be advisable to check the nutritional content of the wheatgrass preparation first due to the variation in quality between different brands!


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